Chiropractic Testimonials

"Being new to the area, I needed to find a chiropractor that had the same values as my chiropractor in NJ. One that valued not only their patients but their staff as well. A practice with integrity, professionalism and compassionate nature. I found that here at Friendship Chiropractic. Dr Hancock is one of those doctors at this practice!! Dr Hancock is dedicated to his patients, and works to provide the best treatment that chiropractic care can provide. I would highly recommend them."

- S.R.

"Dr Connelly first got my back functioning again in 1994. Thereafter Dr Hancock has tended to its frequent needs. I have total confidence in their ministrations, even to the point of Dr Hancock advising me on a less stressful golf swing which, before age set in, got my handicap down to single figures. The office is run with a pleasant efficiency. Without hesitation, i wholeheartedly recommend their practice."

- J.M.

"During my foreign service posting in Islamabad, Pakistan, my health took a decided turn for the worse in the summer of 1977. I began to notice that I was losing my sense of balance. Once I fell on the tennis court trying to make an easy cross court volley. When I ate my fork would miss my mouth. The next morning I looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked to see that my head was no longer straight. It was tilted toward my left shoulder and rotated toward my right shoulder. Not only was my head crooked, but it would go into spasm without forewarning. The condition is called spasmodic torticollis. For the first time in my life I couldn't control my movements and it felt scary. I began to feel like the protagonist in Franz Kafka's Metamorphasis who wakes up one morning to find out that he has turned into a giant centipede.

The problem was the large sternocleidomastoid muscle in the left side of the neck. The muscles had gotten out of balance and this left muscle would work overtime. I quickly made the medical rounds in Islamabad. I saw a physical therapist and a orthopedic surgeon. I took hot baths, cervical traction and all kinds of medication. Nothing helped. Finally on September 13 I was medically evacuated to the U.S. Air Force Hospital at Wiesbaden Germany and treated by orthopedic surgeons. I received daily cervical traction, hot baths, massage and norgesic medication. Nothing seemed to work. After two weeks I was handed over to the neurologists. They told me there was an excess of dopamine in the brain that would have to be controlled chemically. This meant medication. I was treated with Haldol (which I was unable to tolerate) and Benadryl and Amantadine which had no effect. My condition worsened during three weeks in Wiesbaden. As I got progressively weaker from the medication, the left sternocleidomastoid muscle in my neck got larger and the spasms in my neck got worse. Eventually I was evacuated to Washington where I started a course of biofeedback - relaxation therapy aimed at the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Wires were hooked up to the offending neck muscle which measured the spasms - and my task was to relax and bring down the readings. I would breathe deeply and was told to think pleasant thoughts. Not too easy in that environment.

It was not until I came under the care of Dr. Thomas Connelly at Friendship Heights Chiropractic that there was dramatic improvement in my condition. Dr. Connelly's first words to me were "I'm sure I can help you" and essentially he cured me. With his blend of chiropractic manipulation and cervical traction, my neck spasms stopped and the range of motion in my neck consistently improved. Then the exercises that Dr. Connelly instructed me in began to work. Soon I was able to turn my head from side to side and up and down. As I started to regain control over my movements, my self-confidence improved. I started to regain my physical strength. This helped my morale. Instead of a vicious cycle of deterioration, a virtuous cycle of improvement began to take hold. The symptoms gradually lessened and in time disappeared.

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Connelly and the other experts in Friendship Heights Chiropractic. As long as I am physically able, I will continue to visit Friendship Heights Chiropractic to follow a course of preventive chiropractic maintenance for the rest of my life."

- G.Z.

Chiropractic Washington DC Baby Testimonial"As first-time parents, you can imagine how shocked we were when our pediatrician told us that our perfect 4 week old baby boy had Torticollis. We immediately started our son, Will, on an intensive, and seemingly torturous, routine of Physical Therapy. We spent every moment stretching, pulling, twisting and reconfiguring our baby in order to get him to look to the left, while he only wanted to look right. We had to hold and play with him in very specific and awkward ways. Tummy time became heartbreaking for us as our little one cried. We were all frustrated. Torticollis took over our lives.

We desperately wanted to find ways to help our son that didn't result in tears. Even though we were assured that his crying was simply "conditioning" and that he was resisting out of habit, we knew otherwise - our baby was clearly in pain. We began searching the web for options and stumbled across a blog written by parents of Torticollis kids. They all said that adding the help of a Chiropractor to the PT was helpful. Neither my husband or I were very familiar with chiropractic care, but we were open to anything that might help.

We found Dr. Connelly and Friendship Heights Chiropractic on a recommendation from a friend. We are thankful for that referral every day. After weeks of forcing Will to the left, Dr. Connelly gently manipulated our son's neck, and we watched in amazement as Will quietly and comfortably looked left on his own. It literally brought tears to our eyes.

We've been seeing Dr. Connelly since and can hardly notice the Torticollis in our 4 month old. We don't regret the PT, as it made our son very strong, but I can honestly say that the healing of this condition didn't begin until the day that Dr. Connelly laid his hands on our baby. Not only is this man a talented doctor, but he actually shares our joy and pride as Will shows progress. He is kind and compassionate, and as a parent, there's nothing better than watching your son light up and smile as his doctor enters the room.

Our baby is literally in good hands. The best of hands."

"Dr. Hancock has helped alleviate the pain and gotten me off of pain killers. I now have increased range of motion and comfort so that now I'm on a periodic maintenance plan. Before starting treatments, I had chronic debilitating pain. What I especially love about Friendship Heights Chiropractic is that clockwork punctuality and willingness to take me on short notice when I have a flare up."

- A.K.

"I developed a painful herniated disk in my lower back in December 2011. I saw my orthopedic MD and tried various drugs for two weeks - without any relief. Physical therapy had helped before (I'd suffered a similar injury about 15 years earlier), but progress then had been very slow. So this time I decided to try chiropractic treatment. I was able to see Dr. Hancock the same day I called his office and had three more appointments that same week. During my second visit, he outlined a course of treatment and gave me a timeline for recovery. He was very responsive to my questions and concerns and explained everything. Within two weeks, I was much, much better. After a month, I had pretty much fully recovered. Needless to say, I was amazed by the speed of my recovery and very pleased with the results."

- P.F.

"Thank you so much for your very generous, competent and compassionate care. I have never been received so well by any health care professionals. In addition, as a chiropractor's daughter who has seen many different chiropractors, I have never received such good and thorough treatments. May God bless each of you in return for your goodness."

- E.P.

"I first visited Dr. Thomas Connelly several years ago with a back injury. The care I received was exceptional. I recovered from the injury and also received excellent guidance on how to stay healthy. Since then I have returned regularly to maintain health and whenever in need. Recently I met Dr. Andrew Hancock who is also wonderful. It is easy to schedule appointments and there is rarely any waiting. I highly recommend Friendship Heights Chiropractic."

- Leah

"As a student and retired dancer, I came to Friendship Heights Chiropractic during the spring of 2005. In December of 2001, I suffered a severe back and neck injury which left me broken and in a lot of pain. My passion for dance had been with me, since childhood and I could not believe that the injuries I faced at the young age of 21 years old, would keep me from dancing the rest of my life. Although I received adequate care before coming to the office, I was told that dance was off limits to me now. Heartbroken and still in pain after years of care, I came to Friendship Heights Chiropractic expecting to hear the same disappointing news that I had previously been told about my career as a dancer. To my surprise, they assured me that with specialized care and a commitment to my therapy, I could start dancing again. I gratefully began teaching and performing again throughout the Washington DC Metro Area.

Within three short years, I became a founding member of Urban Artistry, a talented and professional international urban dance company. I became a dance educator in urban styles of dance, at the Joy of Motion Dance Center and the Washington DC Dance Collective, as well as various after school programs and summer camps throughout the Washington DC Metro Area. Returning to my formal study of dance with better posture, better range of motion and a stronger physique than ever before, has allowed me to advance quickly in my studies of classical dance. Throughout my treatment, I have also become a certified BASI Pilates Instructor, which I would never have been able to physically complete without the wonderful care I received at Friendship Heights Chiropractic. Their commitment to my passion for dance and physical education shows their commitment to their patients needs. I will always be grateful that I found an office willing to treat my injuries and allow me to get back into the mainstream of life feeling better than I ever had before. I want to extend my gratitude to Dr. Connelly, and the wonderful team at Friendship Heights Chiropractic."

- Emily

Chiropractic Washington DC Jennifer Testimonial"My name is Jennifer Corey and I am the 2008 District of Columbia Cherry Blossom Princess and a contestant in the 2008 Miss District of Columbia Pageant. As part of the Cherry Blossom Festival Princess Program, I had to take off a week of school to do over 40 appearances over the course of five days. On Saturday, April 5, 2008, the weekend before my busy week, I woke up and could not move my neck. I found the number for Friendship Heights Chiropractic online and called. I explained to them the entire situation and how important it was that I be in my best condition for the upcoming week. They told me to come in right away even though they would normally be closing soon

I rushed over and Dr. Connelly saw me as soon as I walked in to the office. He was so nice and helpful about my emergency situation. After all of the tests and x-rays, he informed me that I would need to come back three times that next week for adjustments. They worked with me to compensate my crazy schedule of appearances so that I could come on a lunch break and be in and out of the office quickly. I recovered very quickly and Dr. Connelly and Dr. Faber have worked with me towards the preventative measures I should be taking in the future.

I am also a vocal performance major at American University. Since my treatment at Friendship Heights Chiropractic, my voice has been much freer and I have found much more comfort in singing and performing.

Dr. Connelly and Dr. Faber always give me the personal care that I need. They always ask about things going on in my life and remember the little details of my stories. I have truly enjoyed my experience at Friendship Heights Chiropractic and would highly recommend them."

"I want to Thank you and your staff for the wonderful care that you have provided to me with regard to my low back pain.

At the end of November, I experienced excruciating low back pain and was seen by Dr. I. F. and had two sets of injections to the left SI joint which provided some relief, but did not allow me to return to work full time. I was then sent to Dr. J. D. for pain management and received several injections, including a nerve block. This did provide some relief, but again, I was not able to return to work full time.
I made the decision to call your office for your assistance as I felt that conventional medicine was not working for me. Jesse was so kind to me and offered to have me be seen immediately. You made me feel so comfortable and assured me that I would get through this.

It is my belief that from your wonderful, caring manner and guidance that I am able to be back at work full time, caring for my oncology and hematology patients, who mean the world to me. It has been a long hard road and you were there for me championing me on and aligning my spine which has provided much needed relief. For that I am most grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful doctor and I am very lucky to be under your care."

- Donna A., RN, OCN

Chiropractic Washington DC Dan Testimonial"As an active baby boomer, I have been familiar for decades with chiropractic, which has gotten me out of "tight" spots since the 1970's when I lugged around heavy backpacks and a cello in the freezing Boston winters.

Travel is never friendly to the human spine, and mine got a beating during a trip overseas in August, 2008. I took this philosophically as a permanence of change from the batterings of a willing spirit and maturing flesh. Not so.

I made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Connelly, after my return to Washington DC to go see if my sorry frame might be brought back to an earlier stage of vigor, and indeed it did. Dr. Connelly did a thorough examination and diagnosis and went to work bringing me back to better-than-before shape. Within a few short weeks my mind was off my back and onto my work and play. Pleasantly, I also found I was able to take up the viola again in a community orchestra (the viola is a devil's invention to challenge normal human spines, but it sounds so lovely...).

My morning visits-now just once a week- at Friendship Heights Chiropractic-are a welcome addition to my weekly routine. They are quick, timely and effective. Not least of the pleasures is getting my free copy of "The Onion" at the newspaper dispenser just outside the doctors' office and stocking up at Rodman's on my way out. Many thanks to Angelica, Dr. Connelly's colleagues and all the folks at Friendship Heights Chiropractic."

- Dan W. - Department of State

"I came to see the Chiropractor for shoulder pain and after a few times of her performing adjustments on my upper back and neck, I noticed that a condition that I have had for at least five years where my jaw, particularly my lower jaw and cheek would swell up has stopped!. I still get the itch that I use to get before I would swell up but I don't experience the swelling."


"No praise seems to be enough for the truly excellent services you have offered me during the last two months, from Angelica's efficient and good-natured ways to Dr. Hancock's professionalism and kindness, ending with Monica Lenk's outstanding and compassionate treatment..."

- B. T.

"I cannot thank this practice enough. At the beginning of my 16th week of pregnancy, I woke up one morning and I simply could not move my right leg without experiencing terrible pain. I couldn't walk at all. My husband had to carry me around the house. Luckily, my husband had an appointment with Dr. Connelly that morning so I went along. I asked if there was any way he could see me and he did. Took his time with me and explained what was happening to me. This being my first pregnancy and not knowing what to expect he was extremely patient and adjusted me. By the time I left the office I was pretty much back to normal. I followed up with him and Dr. Hancock. Two amazing doctors. I can't thank them enough. Their therapies held me through pregnancy and I can't wait to go back. There are not enough stars to rate this practice."

- F.R.

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