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Welcome to Friendship Heights Chiropractic located at 5100 Wisconsin Ave NW # 251 in Washington, DC. We have been providing traditional family chiropractic care with compassion for over 30 years. We know that healthcare can be confusing. We do our best to ensure the care you, and your entirely family, receive with us is straightforward and accessible. Please don't hesitate to contact our Washington DC chiropractors with any further questions you have. We are here to help you achieve your goals.


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Friendship Heights Chiropractic: Customizing to Your Needs

To enhance the quality of individuals' lives through educating and adjusting them toward optimal health.


Friendship Heights Chiropractic

Friendship Heights Chiropractic is not just a neck pain, back pain, and headaches clinic. Although we certainly help many people obtain relief from their back pain, neck pain, and headaches, it’s not the only thing we do. In fact, many patients who initially come into our office complaining of back pain, neck pain, or headaches are happy to find that other symptoms they have been suffering from are relieved as well, and their entire health elevated. A thorough consultation and examination is the first step to discovering what we can do for you in Washington DC.

Following a previous career in the theatre in New York City, Dr. Hancock came to Chiropractic. In his own words, “I was working out 5 nights a week at a very competitive kung fu school in Chinatown, while working as a stagehand during the day. A friend of mine was seeing a chiropractor and noticed that I was still having problems with my back from a 10-year-old injury. I took my friend’s advice and went to see her chiropractor. Within 6 weeks of intensive care, I went from experiencing back pain 7 days a week to once in three weeks and my kung fu got better. My hands and feet were faster and my hips were more flexible. My life-changing experience because of chiropractic care motivated me to want to become a Chiropractor and help others like myself."

Our convenient location on the Red Line allows us to serve Woodley Park, Bethesda, Potomac, Cleveland Park, Cathedral Heights, and all of greater Washington DC. Validated Parking is available.

Friendship Heights Chiropractic strives to not only help your body heal through chiropractic but also make the experience educational. We take the time so that you understand your health, and how you can best support your highest potential. Each new patient has a thorough consultation and examination. Some require x-rays for us to provide the highest quality healthcare we can. Each step of the way, your questions will be answered, so that you can feel comfortable with your care.

In Washington DC, we commonly see tennis and golf injuries, gardening injuries, sciatica, low back injuries, tension headaches, and more. We serve your entire family’s health needs. Whether your health challenges be from sports, a life sitting at a desk, or a motor vehicle accident, we are here for you.

At Friendship Heights Chiropractic, we meet you where you are. While we will make recommendations about your long-term needs, we will not sell you a care plan. How long you wish to benefit from chiropractic care is entirely up to you. We are here for you.

Call today to schedule your first visit with us! Our helpful staff will do their best to help navigate your health insurance before you come in. This way you can receive traditional compassionate chiropractic care with confidence.

Chiropractor Washington DC Andrew Hancock
Dr. Andrew Hancock, D.C.